父亲节:父爱如山 建议你应该做的十件事



From the time of our birth, dads play a significant role in our lives. From helping mother to change your diapers to paying your school and college fee, dads do every possible thing to provide you an easier and comfortable life. Father’s day is celebrated once a year on different dates around the world. Even though you should be love and care for your father all 365 days of the year, this day gives you a chance to do something even more special for thim. If you are confused and you have no idea how you should be starting then, below is a step by step manual provided so you can start the day beautifully and even end it brilliantly!



1. Present Dad with a Trophy 送他一些纪念品

What can be a better gift than giving someone a trophy? Nothing I guess. Start googling around a day before Father’s day about how to make a trophy or you can also get a ready-made trophy and then personalize it. To give your own touch to the trophy, get a photograph of you with your dad, any photo would do the job (even if from childhood), some glue, and a ribbon. Stick the ribbon on the photo from behind or you can also sew ribbon as a frill and then stick it to the picture. Glue this frilled photo to the trophy, similarly write a message on a colored paper, stick it with the ribbon and glue to the bottom of the trophy. To end the day, before your dad is heading to bed, present him the trophy, say “I love you”, and give him a hug.



2. Write him a poem 为他写一首诗

This might be a little tough for everyone, but giving it a try won’t do any harm. Search through the internet to get ideas for writing a poem and put your feelings into works for your Dad. Even if it sounds funny or childish, do not worry, whatever you would do for your dad would make him feel happy at the end of the end, so what matters is your effort. So write a short poem for him and read it to him after you are done cutting the cake.



3. Make barbeque 为他准备烧烤

There is no one who dislikes barbeque, so for dinner get ready to cook on the coals. Make sure you get your dad’s favorite kind of meat and vegetables. If you are not sure of what recipe to follow, again internet is here for your help. Look up for recipes and whatever looks good to you, go for it. A cake would be a cherry on the top, so get a cake with “Happy Father’s Day” or “You are the best Dad” written on it and give your dad another surprise.



4. Buy him his favorite drinks 把他最喜欢喝的饮料买给他

Time to head out of the house and enjoy the day a little more. Father’s day is commercialized in many countries now and a lot of clubs have started to hold different kinds of activities and parties for this day. Take your dad and take part in games and activities to make the day even more fun. Buy him his favorite drinks,, if your dad drink, nothing can be better than a beer and even if he doesn’t get him whatever he likes to drink.



5. Make a slideshow 做一个幻灯片

Childhood is very near to everyone and almost everyone miss it. The time spent with mom, dad and siblings as a kid always brings back a smile. Get into that old box of family pictures from the childhood and pick your favorite photos out of them. Select one of your favorite songs as a child and you are ready to make a slideshow. Download any software you think can turn your pictures into a movie, put the pictures in it along with the song, and play the slideshow to your dad. This act might bring back a lot of memories and nostalgia but it will surely put a smile on his face.



6. Watch his favorite movie with him和他一起看他最喜欢的电影
Go out, rent his favorite movie, and watch it with him. Spending the day with your dad is the best you can do on father’s day, so plan in advance what you will be doing on this day. Like everyone, your dad must have a few movies very near to his heart, that he made you watch when you were a kid. If you plan to make this day special, it’s time to bring back those memories and watch those movies again with him. Grab a pack of popcorns and live the memories again.


7. Make him a card 为他做一张卡片
This is the time to show how creative you are. There are hundreds of cards available in the market in the Father’s day season that you can buy and give it to your dad, but giving him a card that you made by your own self, will hold a different place in his heart. You can do this task a day before because it might take a lot of time. Run through internet and look up for ideas, you can easily find how to make father’s day tutorials. Just collect all the materials you need and get on work. Be sure to come up with a very nice message for your father, it does not have to be a quote or something very formally written, instead come up with something original, like your feelings for him. Your dad will love it for sure!
8. Bring breakfast in bed 把早餐送到床边
When you are done doing the tasks mentioned above, the next task is to take your apron out and get ready to show off your cooking skills. You are going to cook your dad’s favorite breakfast, so be sure of not making any mistakes or your mission will not turn out to be successful. If you are good at cooking, then this step should not be a problem for your, but if you are good, then don’t be scared. The internet is always here to help you, search around for recipes of whatever you are cooking and try following it without making any changes. If your does not have any favorites then you can come up with anything you like or whatever looks tempting to you.
9. Iron his clothes 帮他熨衣服
This again is a very small gesture and you can easily get the clothes ironed from anywhere but then again, this day is about doing it all on your own, so before he wakes up take his favorite clothes out of the wardrobe and iron it for him. And if you want to you can buy him new clothes, iron and hang them somewhere in the room to surprise him. You can also polish his shoes and get them ready to be worn. Set his favorite perfume, his watch, his wallet, his keys, and whatever your dad usually keeps with him, ready at one place. All this might not sound anything so special to you but for dads, it is, seeing that their children care so much about them will surely make them feel special.
10. Wash his car 为他洗车
Making the day special for your dad does not mean you have to come up with something huge or expensive. You can make him feel special by just expressing love through actions. So start the day off by washing his car or truck. Cars are usually not as messy from the outside as they are from the inner side, so try cleaning up in there as well. You can easily get the car washed from anywhere, but doing it yourself is what expresses your love. Keep in mind that in order to surprise him, you must know the time he wakes up in the morning and try to wash the car before he wakes up. Dad’s love their cars and this small gesture of yours can make him very happy.
做些特别的事并不是说你要准备为此花费很多,事实上只需要做些不一样的事来表达你对父亲的爱就可以了。因此就用给他洗车开启这一天吧。车的脏乱从来都不只是里面或外面的某一面,把车的里里外外都清理干净吧。对你来说洗车就是一件很轻松的事,但是你要自己独立完成, 因为这样才能表现出你对父亲的爱。如果你想给他一个惊喜,那你一定要弄清他早上起床的时间,要记得在要尽量在他起床之前把车洗好哦。爸爸会喜欢这部车的,同时你这样的行动也一定会让感到特别高兴的。

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