I Wonder Why 昔日西城男孩卖咖啡?


Former Westlife singer Mark Feehily has take a complete career U-turn and become a CATERER after the band split up – but still has his sights on a musical future.
The singer has revealed he now serves crepes and coffees from the back of a van, as he travels round festivals with his new business.
He said: “It’s going really well, we’ve got loads of interest and we’ve booked it in with a lot of the music festivals and we’re talking about doing some Irish ones as well.”
“People were flabbergasted at the fact that I was in the van making crepes.”
“People kind of have this thing ‘Oh, he was in Westlife a few years ago and now he’s making tea’.”

Well, we’re a tad shocked too.
He added: “It’s my business and I love it, anything I get involved in I get involved 110%.”
“A couple of Irish people came up and were like ‘Wait a minute, what are you doing in a van?’”
“I love festivals, so why not?”
He recognised it would be a shock to many, who imagined he would carry on singing – and now he’s launching his solo career too.
“Everyone thinks I just went back to my living room and sat down for the last few years,” he said.
“Just because people can’t see you doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything.”
“Not too long after Westlife finished I went back into the studio and made the decision to completely start from scratch.”
“The music that I would come out with as an individual is quite different to Westlife.”

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