无剧透: 纸牌屋第三季看点指路


  I have managed to watch the first four episodes of the 3rd season for you, to give you a preview. This preview gives you just enough to know what’s going on, but not enough to ruin anything. And there are no spoilers here.
  1. Faster, Leaner Quicker
  The biggest problem with “House of Cards” Season 1, is that it was incredibly slow, like first season of “Breaking Bad” slow. Season 2 got a little better on pacing but the plot still meandered near the 3rd act.
  Like any good trilogy “House of Cards” seems to have worked out the bugs in this third season. The stories are much more self-contained and the pacing is better.
  2. Everybody Hates Frank
  Until this season Frank Underwood was like the Batman of Washington D.C. Somehow, someway this congressman from South Carolina always managed to outsmart, outplan and outwit superpower foes and allies alike despite being a mortal man. It was cute in the first season but by season 2 it just got ridiculous.
  Fortunately Season 3 begins with a bit of course correction. While Claire and Frank’s plans are just as diabolical as in the past, everyone else in the show seems to have grown up and wised up. So while there are fewer over the top mind games, the show is actually more complex as Frank has to deal with real power dynamics and not a punch of political straw men.
  3. Bring On The Think Pieces
  ”House of Cards” is a political phenomenon that gives journalists, pundits and commentators the Rorschach test they always dream of. This season can be seen from several vastly different political angles.
  It was clear that the original British program from 1990 was a critique of the final years of Margaret Thatcher but Season 3 seems much less about skewering a particular administration than it is about telling Frank’s unique journey.
  4. Breakout Performances
  Just four episodes in, there are two definitive stand outs in season 3. The first is Lars Mikkelsen who plays fictional Russian President Victor Petrov. He is outstanding in his portrayal of what is likely the most realistic and fascinating depiction of Vladimir Putin, interacting with a U.S. president.
  The second breakout is Elizabeth Marvel as Heather Dunbar, the solicitor general who brought down president Walker and is now taking on a major role in the third season. Her depiction of power and savvy, and the lectures she gives to Frank Underwood in the Oval office will resonate throughout this entire series.
  5. Predictions
  5. 预测
  I must admit, that to fulfill my “House of Cards” longing during the summer of 2014, I cheated a bit and watched the final season of the original British version of the show, “House of Cards: the Final Cut.” The seasons are playing out a bit differently in part because the UK seasons were only about 4 episodes a piece and the American version is 13 episodes long.
  Further, the cast of characters in the American version are much more varied and the show is much less satirical and more of a straight drama than the original version. That said, all signs point to a less than stellar end for Frank and Clare Underwood.

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