A couple of weeks ago, Mashable published this photo recap of Social Media Week. Smack1dab2 in the middle was this close-up shot of myself.

I didn’t post it to Facebook.
My name is Amanda, and I suffer from a syndrome3 I call the “Facebook Effect.” The more intertwined I become with social media or any other image-heavy platform, the moreobsessed4 I become with my appearance.
And apparently5, I’m not alone. Doctors say Facebook and video-chatting tools like Skype and FaceTime have partly fueled this decade’s boom in plastic surgery.
“People will come in and say, ‘I saw myself in the mirror, but I didn’t really notice it until I saw myself on Facebook or on my iPhone or iPad,’” says New York plastic surgeon Adam Schaffner.
“人们走进来就会说,‘虽然我常常照镜子,但若不是在Facebook或iPhone,iPad上,我还真的不会去在意自己的外表。’”纽约的整形外科医师Adam Schaffner表示。
I’ve never considered going under the knife myself. But I do understand how so many of us get to this point. Digital technology exacerbates6 image issues that a lot of us already have. And if you’re plugged into the digital space like myself, you’re probably around a smartphone or webcam every day.
Plastic surgery is obviously the most extreme response to fixing the “flaws.” And I’m just not there. So, I set out see if could I cure my Facebook Effect by simply learning my angles.
Demetra Kavadeles, Global Public Relations manager, consumer at Skype, says there are ways to trick the camera. She points out small adjustments that can make anyone look years younger on camera. So, I tried them out for myself.
Demetra Kavadeles是环球公共关系公司的管理者,也是Skype的用户,她表示有办法能够通过“欺骗”摄像头以呈现出好的效果。她提出了几个细微的调整就能让每个人在摄像头里看起来年轻好几岁。所以,我自己也试了试。
5 Tips for Looking Your Best on Screen
In the photos at the top of this story, the one on the left was taken without taking into account any of the tips below. The photo on the right is the improved version. Along with these five tips, Kavadeles also recommends doing a video test call with a close friend or family member to check both sound and video quality.
1. Let in the Light
1. 让光线照进来
Ensure you have several light sources and that they are all indirect to avoid dark shadows or a shiny-face effect. Personally, I have found that putting the light source behind the computer works best.
2. Make Eye Contact
2. 眼神交流
Look into the webcam and not at the screen. It’s easy to be distracted by the personal video preview (the little box that shows how the other person sees you), but this can lead to unflatteringpostures7 on camera and a lack of eye contact with the other caller.
3. Beware of Patterns
3. 注意各种图案样式的搭配
While you want to express your personal style, keep in mind that bold patterns can look “messy” on the viewer’s screen. Additionally, some pieces of jewelry8 can reflect light in a way that distracts the viewer. Less is more with jewelry. And if you wear a pattern, be sure you don’t sit in front of one. The best background is a dark, solid color that doesn’t clash with you. I conveniently — and unintentionally — wore a pretty bold dress today, so this was interesting to see on camera.
4. Sit up Straight
4. 坐直身体
Make sure your total upper body — not just your face — is visible in the camera area. To provide you with some comfort, keep in mind the caller on the other side only sees you from the waist up.
5. Angle the Camera
5. 调整摄像头的角度
This is a personal tip of my own. I have often found that looking down at the camera often makes your face seem wider. Place the camera on a surface that’s directly in line with your forehead. If you’re on a laptop with a built-in camera (like I am in this picture), don’t tilt9 the screen up — always place it on a higher surface and tip it down towards you.
When It’s Not About the Camera
While I was overall more satisfied with my webcam appearance when using these tips, this may just be a temporary band-aid. Body dysmorphic disorder10 is a serious disease with roots too deep to be cured by superficial tips for taking a better picture.
In an ideal world, we’re all working towards a society that isn’t obsessed with image. But truth is that all those Photoshop protests, feel-good commercials and, ironically, articles just like the one you’re currently reading only nourish our obsession11. In the age of digital, beauty is in the eye of the Internet user.
1 smack  [smæk]  
She gave him a smack on the face.她打了他一个嘴巴。
I gave the fly a smack with the magazine.我用杂志拍了一下苍蝇。
2 dab  [dæb]  
She returned wearing a dab of rouge on each cheekbone.她回来时,两边面颊上涂有一点淡淡的胭脂。
She gave me a dab of potatoes with my supper.她给我晚饭时,还给了一点土豆。
3 syndrome  [ˈsɪndrəʊm]  
The Institute says that an unidentified virus is to blame for the syndrome. 该研究所表示,引起这种综合症的是一种尚未确认的病毒。
Results indicated that 11 fetuses had Down syndrome. 结果表明有11个胎儿患有唐氏综合征。
4 obsessed   [əb'sest]   
He’s obsessed by computers. 他迷上了电脑。
The fear of death obsessed him throughout his old life. 他晚年一直受着死亡恐惧的困扰。
5 apparently  [əˈpærəntli]  
An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
6 exacerbates  [ɪgˈzæsəˌbeɪts] 
n.使恶化,使加重( exacerbate的名词复数 )v.使恶化,使加重( exacerbate的第三人称单数 )
Stripping the land in these ways allows faster surface runoff and exacerbates flooding. 这些做法终将使土地裸露、地表径流加快,从而加重了洪水的威胁。 来自辞典例句
This policy exacerbates the gap between rich and poor. 这项政策加剧了贫富差距。 来自互联网
7 postures [ˈpɔstʃəz]  
姿势( posture的名词复数 ); 看法; 态度; 立场
Modern consciousness has this great need to explode its own postures. 现代意识很有这种摧毁本身姿态的需要。
They instinctively gathered themselves into more tidy postures. 她们本能地恢复了端庄的姿态。
8 jewelry   ['dʒu:əlrɪ]    
The burglars walked off with all my jewelry.夜盗偷走了我的全部珠宝。
Jewelry and lace are mostly feminine belongings.珠宝和花边多数是女性用品。
9 tilt   [tɪlt]     
She wore her hat at a tilt over her left eye.她歪戴着帽子遮住左眼。
The table is at a slight tilt.这张桌子没放平,有点儿歪.
10 disorder  [dɪsˈɔ:də(r)]  
When returning back,he discovered the room to be in disorder.回家后,他发现屋子里乱七八糟。
It contained a vast number of letters in great disorder.里面七零八落地装着许多信件。
11 obsession   [əbˈseʃn]    
I was suffering from obsession that my career would be ended.那时的我陷入了我的事业有可能就此终止的困扰当中。
She would try to forget her obsession with Christopher.她会努力忘记对克里斯托弗的迷恋。

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