The big fear about falling in love with a friend is that if the relationship goes bad, you’re down both a boyfriend and a friend who might have comforted you through the breakup. It’s a big risk, but when it goes right, it pays off big time. Falling in love with a best friend can be the best thing in the world. We all know the best boyfriends are the ones that feel like best friends you get to kiss, anyway.

  1. You already have a ton of sweet memories together. Like the time you snuck into that house party together, or the time you laughed so hard you shot soda1 out of your nose and he totally saw and laughed right along with you. Put all that in the baby book of your relationship.
  1. 你们已经有很多的甜蜜回忆。比如说你们一起偷偷溜进家庭聚会的那一次,或是你笑的太开心了以至于苏打水从鼻子喷了出来,正好被他看见,还和你一起大笑的那一次。将所有的回忆都写进恋情纪念手册里吧!
  2. You finally get to find out what it’s like to kiss them on the lips. Do not sit there and lie to me about how you never thought about it. You obviously2 thought about it. We all think about it. (P.S. I hope it’s everything you imagined and more~.)
  2. 你终于知道了亲他的感受。别坐在那对我说你从来没有想过这个问题。你肯定想过!我们都想过啊!(另外:我希望一切都如想象般美好~)
  3. You’ve seen what he’s like as a boyfriend from watching him date other people. You know howdevoted3 he can be and what his style of boyfriend is because you’ve been in the wings all along, probably giving him advice on how not to screw4 up his relationships. All that work and advice is gonna come back to benefit you after all.
  3. 之前他和别人约会时,你就知道了他是什么样的男朋友。你知道他对感情的投入程度以及他是什么类型的男朋友,因为你见证了他的约会,甚至你还给过他一些挽留恋情的建议。所有这些都奏效了,而你则是那些建议的最终受益人。
  4. And he’s seen what you’re like as a girlfriend. He knows how infatuated you get early on, and how much you value clear and direct communication. You’ve basically5 been coaching each other in your relationships and now you get to just be in one together.
  4. 他也知道你是什么样的女朋友。他知道感情刚开始的时候你就会一股脑儿的扎进去,也知道你十分重视明确、直接的交流。也许你们都指导过对方该如何谈恋爱,现在你们只要好好在一起就行了。
  5. You’ve already met his parents and all of his friends and anyone else who might make you nervous. You don’t have to hope and pray for everyone he loves in this world to accept you because they already have. You’re just that good.
  5. 你已经见过他的父母、朋友以及任何可能会让你紧张的人。你不需要希望或祈祷世界上他爱的所有人都接受你,因为他们已经接受你了。你就是那么棒!
  6. You know all his deepest secrets. All those messy talks most couples have a few months in, when all the tea gets spilled? You guys have already had them and your relationship will be that much stronger from the beginning because of it.
  6. 你知道他内心深处的所有秘密。大多数情侣在交往几个月后都会谈这个问题,到时就真相大白了?但你们已深知对方的秘密,正因如此,你们的感情在一开始的时候就更为坚固。
1 soda   [ˈsəʊdə]  
She doesn’t enjoy drinking chocolate soda.她不喜欢喝巧克力汽水。
I will freshen your drink with more soda and ice cubes.我给你的饮料重加一些苏打水和冰块。
2 obviously   [ˈɒbviəsli]      
Obviously they were putting him to a severe test.显然他们是在给他以严峻的考验。
Obviously he was lying.显然他是在撒谎。
3 devoted   [dɪˈvəʊtɪd]   
He devoted his life to the educational cause of the motherland.他为祖国的教育事业贡献了一生。
We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic.我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
4 screw   [skru:]     
Let’s screw the two pipes together end to end.咱们把这两根管子接起来拧紧。
Can you screw up this handle for me?你能帮我把这个把手拧紧吗?
5 basically   [ˈbeɪsɪkli]   
His heart is basically sound.他的心脏基本上健康。
Basically I agree with your plan.我基本上同意你的计划。

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