At the end of year I took a good hard look at who had exhibited considerable resilience in 2014, and made a list of my favorites. Not only do they serve as great examples of great empathy, optimism, self-efficacy, hope and initiative; they also are the most likely to flourish in the next year. Learn from what they did in 2014, and let them inspire your efforts to thrive in 2015.
  resilience (re-回,sil跳,-i-连接字母,拉丁语resili(re) 跳回,弹回,-ence名词后缀;能跳回到原来的地方→)
  n. 1. 快速恢复的能力;适应力 2. 还原能力;弹力
  Tim Cook came out.
 How many openly gay CEOs of globally important, culturally significant, multibillion dollar companies can you think of? That’s right. One. When Tim Cook publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation on October 30, he did so not only for himself, but to use his position and power to help others in the struggle for self-acceptance and equality. He laid his privacy on the line to stand up for his beliefs and pave the way for others.

  Emma Watson announced a new movement for gender equality.
 In our work with stress management, we see that people connecting to a high level of purpose — something that reflects their deepest values — improves their ability to weather tough times, helps make the world a better place. Emma Watson displayed that connection when she took the floor at the United Nations and called for a new feminist movement, HeForShe, that specifically challenges and invites men to join the work of gender equality.


  Medical workers and professionals fought against Ebola.
 The doctors and nurses, aid workers and organizers who offered to care for those infected with the Ebola virus — knowing full well the risks they faced — showed core resilience traits of empathy, compassion, and optimism. Yes, optimism that the lives of the sick people mattered; that lives could be saved; that their efforts could make a difference. It’s no wonder TIME magazine chose them as their Person of the Year.


Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Malala Yousafzai’s believes that she has a right to an education. She believes that all girls have a right to education, despite a continued death threat from the Taliban. This year, the Nobel Committee recognized the profound resilience that helps her to advocate on behalf of girls worldwide whose right to an education is at risk or denied.


  SIRI helped a boy with autism connect with the world.
 Gus has autism. His mother, Judith Newman, wrote in the New York Times that “of all the worries the parent of an autistic child has, the uppermost is: Will he find love? Or even companionship?” Gus found it with SIRI, the Apple iPhone’s intelligent voice-activated personal assistant. By interacting with SIRI, he’s learning skills of companionship and love and bringing them to his family and community. Gus is building the emotional connections that make a life more resilient.
  resilient (re-回,sil跳,-i-连接字母,-ent形容词后缀;能跳回到原来的地方的→)
  a. 1. 可迅速恢复的;适应力强的 2. (物质)有弹性的,能复原的
  autism (aut=auto 自己,-ism行为,状态;以自我为中心难以与其他人正常交流的行为、状态→)
  n. 自闭症,孤独症

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