It rains when Heaven deems fit, mother remarries when she wants to—a popular saying often heard in China, what’s the source of it? It comes from a legend. 

In ancient times there was a scholar called Zhu Yaozong who came first in the highest imperial examination. Conferred the title Number One Scholar, he was chosen to be the emperor’s son-in-law. By convention, he would first return to his hometown in silken official robes. Before he left he begged the emperor for a favor–to erect1 a chastity archway in honor of his widowed mother. His request was granted. 
His mother, however, appeared uneasy when she was told about the chastity archway. She had to admit that she was determined2 to remarry and her would-be husband was Zhu’s former tutor to whom he owed a great deal. Devastated3 by the idea Zhu fell to his knees in front of his mother: “Mom. That’s absolutely impossible. How could I face others if you do so. Besides, it will mean I have deceived the emperor–a felony deserving death penalty.”
当朱耀宗向娘述说了竖立贞节牌坊一事后,朱母露出了不安的神色,于是说出了想要嫁给朱耀宗的恩师张文举的想法。朱耀宗顿时跪在娘的面前:“娘,这千万使不得。您改嫁叫儿的脸往哪搁? 再说,欺君之罪难免杀身之祸啊。” 
As he was caught in a fix and nothing could be done, his mother sighed:”Since things have come to a head,let’s trust to luck.” She then took off a skirt and handed it to him, saying:”Wash it tomorrow and dry it in the sun for a day. If it dries up by dawn the next morning, I’ll drop the idea; if not, you are not to interfere4, for it’s the will of Heaven.” 
That day was very fine with the sun shining brightly in a clear sky. But during the night clouds gathered and the sky became overcast5. It broke into a violent shower towards daybreak. The skirt remained wet long after dawn. His mother said to him seriously:”Look here, son. It rains when Heaven deems fit, mother remarries when she wants to. The will of Heaven is not to be opposed.” So Zhu could do nothing but report to the emperor and express his readiness to be punished. The emperor was greatly surprised by the story and issued an imperial decree:”He who is unaware6 is not liable. Since the match has been made by Heaven, it has to be allowed.”
1 erect   [ɪˈrekt]  
She held her head erect and her back straight.她昂着头,把背挺得笔直。
Soldiers are trained to stand erect.士兵们训练站得笔直。
2 determined  [dɪˈtɜ:mɪnd]      
I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
3 devastated   [ˈdevəsteɪtɪd]  
v.彻底破坏( devastate的过去式和过去分词);摧毁;毁灭;在感情上(精神上、财务上等)压垮adj.毁坏的;极为震惊的
The bomb devastated much of the old part of the city. 这颗炸弹炸毁了旧城的一大片地方。
His family is absolutely devastated. 他的一家感到极为震惊。
4 interfere  [ˌɪntəˈfɪə(r)]    
If we interfere, it may do more harm than good.如果我们干预的话,可能弊多利少。
When others interfere in the affair,it always makes troubles. 别人一卷入这一事件,棘手的事情就来了。
5 overcast   [ˌəʊvəˈkɑ:st]     
The overcast and rainy weather found out his arthritis.阴雨天使他的关节炎发作了。
The sky is overcast with dark clouds.乌云满天。
6 unaware  [ˌʌnəˈweə(r)] 
They were unaware that war was near. 他们不知道战争即将爆发。
I was unaware of the man’s presence. 我没有察觉到那人在场。

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