Homesick 乡愁

小时候,乡愁是一枚小小的邮票, 我在这头,母亲在那头。 长大后,乡愁是一张窄窄的船票, 我在这头,新娘在那头。 后来啊!乡愁是一方矮矮的坟墓, 我在外头,母亲在里头。 而现在,乡愁是一湾浅浅的海峡, 我在这头,大陆在那头。 When I was a child, my homesickness was a small stamp    Linking Mum at the other end and me this.    When grown up, I remained homesick, but it became a ticket    By which I sailed to and from my bride at the other end.    Then homesickness took the shape of a grave, Mum inside of it and me outside.    Now I’m still homesick, but it is a narrow strait    Separating me on this side and the mainland on the other.


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