1. Greeting message 祝福


Hope you have a good trip back. 祝旅途愉快。

How are you? 你好吗?

How is the project going on? 项目进行顺利吗?


2. Initiate a meeting 发起会议


I suggest we have a call tonight at 9:30pm (China Time) with you and Brown. Please let me know if the time is okay for you and Ben. 我建议我们今晚九点半和Brown小聚一下,你和Ben有没有空?


I would like to hold a meeting in the afternoon about our development planning for the project A. 今天下午我建议我们就A项目的发展计划开会讨论一下。


We’d like to have the meeting on Thu Oct 30. Same time. 十月三十号(周三),老时间,开会。


Let’s make a meeting next Monday at 5:30 PM SLC time. 下周一盐湖城时区下午五点半开会。



I want to talk to you over the phone regarding issues about report development and the XXX project. 我想跟你电话讨论下报告进展和XXX项目的情况。


3. Seeking for more information/feedbacks/suggestions 咨询信息/反馈/建议


Shall you have any problem accessing the folders, please let me knows. 如果存取文件有任何问题请和我联系。


Thank you and look forward to having your opinion on the estimation and schedule. 谢谢你,希望能听到更多你对评估和日程计划的建议。


Look forward to your feedbacks and suggestions soon. 期待您的反馈建议!


What is your opinion on the schedule and next steps we proposed? 你对计划方面有什么想法?下一步我们应该怎么做?


What do you think about this? 这个你怎么想?

Feel free to give your comments. 请随意提出您的建议。

Any question, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 有任何问题,欢迎和我们联系。

Any question, please let me know. 有任何问题,欢迎和我们联系。

Please contact me if you have any questions. 有任何问题,欢迎和我们联系。

Please let me know if you have any question on this. 有任何问题,欢迎和我联系。

Your comments and suggestions are welcome! 欢迎您的评论和建议!

Please let me know what you think? 欢迎您的评论和建议!

Do you have any idea about this? 对于这个您有什么建议吗?


It would be nice if you could provide a bit more information on the user’s behavior. 您若是能够就用户行为方面提供更多的信息就太感激了!


At your convenience, I would really appreciate you looking into this matter/issue. 如果可以,我希望你能负责这件事情。

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