• 2014年 谁是吸粉最多的网络萌宠?

    He is the face of 2014. No, we’re not talking about a politician, or actor or Nobel Prize winners. We mean Boo. CUTE LITTLE BOO.   他就是2014年的年度红人。不,我们不是在说政客、演员或是诺贝奖得主。我们说的是大头狗狗Boo!人见人爱花见花开的小Boo!! But though Boo tops our Pet Power list of 2014, we love all the animals on the Internet, so we had a look...阅读全文
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  • 约吗?2014年10大网络热词英语怎么说

    又到年末,谢侃老师为大家整理了10个微信、微博中最火的词语,翻成英语。 1)约吗   Wanna date me? 小编吐槽:“约吗”本是一款社交应用软件,可以通过相同的需求爱好让交友便捷方便。渐渐的变成网络用语,就变成了朋友间互相调侃,基友间相互调戏的名言。当然了,如果你居心不良的话,这句话就会出现某些别有深意的(咳咳咳咳……) 2)也是醉了   I am speechless. *其实原句就是表“无...阅读全文
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  • 飞行小贴士 最安全航空公司top10

    A survey by Hamburg-based Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) that examined 60 of the world’s operators.   汉堡的喷气客机坠机数据评估中心(JACDEC)对世界60家航空公司进行了评估。 Finnair has been rated the safest airline in the world, based on the study that monitors plane crashes around the world.   根据对世界坠机事件的监控,芬兰航空...阅读全文
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  • 看比尔盖茨如何写2014年终总结

    I ended 2013 by compiling something slightly unusual: a list of some of the good news you might have missed. I thought it was a pretty good note to end the year on, and people seemed to like reading about some of the ways the world is becoming a better place. This year, I thought I’d do it again.   2013年我编辑了一些有点不同寻常的东西来作为年终总结:一张你...阅读全文
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  • 初学者如何练习口语?关键要掌握五大重点步骤

      第一步:掌握音标 音标是英语(课程)学习中最基本的要素,学好音标可以帮助你正确发音。很多初学者都不重视这个环节,以至于学了多年英语仍要回过头来重新学习音标,怎知一些发音习惯已经根深蒂固了,纠正起来可要下一番功夫。不管你处于哪个学习阶段,要记住,音标不可丢!那么,音标如何学习?开始张口练习是关键! 首先,反复练习朗读音标,感受每个音标的发音特点和区别,尤其是元...阅读全文
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  • 有对象了吗?过年惯例问题应答指南

    Fielding annoying questions from relatives during the holidays is pretty much unavoidable, but one cocky teenager has come up with an inventive solution to silence those annoying relatives by handing them a pamphlet of pre-prepared answers.   在节假日应答七大姑八大姨那些个烦人的问题几乎是避免不了了,但是一名霸气的女青年想出了一个别有心裁的解决方案让那些个嘴...阅读全文
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  • 电影愤怒的小鸟提前上映 避免同类厮杀

    Sony Pictures announced today that the game adaptation of the animated film “angry bird” (Angry Birds) will advance to the May 20, 2016 release, to avoid the same schedule with other large confrontation.   索尼影业在今天宣布,由游戏改编的动画电影《愤怒的小鸟》为了避免和同期大片厮杀,将提前至2016年5月20日上映。 It is reported that the film originally planned...阅读全文
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  • 亚航客机失联 机上162人国籍公布

    An AirAsia flight from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore lost contact with air traffic control on Sunday, Indonesian media said, citing a Transport Ministry official.   据印尼当地媒体报道,印尼交通部称,周日,一架从印尼泗水飞往新加坡的航班失联。 Transport Ministry official Hadi Mustofa said the aircraft, flight number QZ 8501, lost contact with t...阅读全文
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  • 刺杀金正恩正式上映 全美争相观看

    Thousands of US moviegoers were planning to watch screenings of the controversial comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s dictator on Christmas Day, openly defying threats from hackers who have warned of dire consequences for people who visit the cinemas.   成千上万的美国电影怪咖都准备去影院观赏这部争议不断的,关于在圣诞节刺杀朝鲜独裁者的喜剧电影,...阅读全文
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  • 外媒看中国 圣诞节流行送苹果

    Anyone bemoaning the loss of the True Meaning of Christmas probably shouldn’t celebrate in China. Here, it’s mostly business as usual on the 25th. Vacation time won’t come until weeks later for China’s own winter holiday: Chinese New Year in mid-February.   当圣诞节成为购物季,总有人惋惜圣诞节失去了真正的意义。12月25日是圣诞节,是购物季,但是在中国,明年2月...阅读全文
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