From fast food to a bowl full of leafy greens, snacking on something we enjoy is a guaranteed pick-me-up. But not all food types are good for us in the long term. Here’s a list of the mood-boosting foods that will keep you happy and healthy.

  Bananas: Packed full of potassium, bananas don’t just provide an energy boost and make you fuller for longer. The curved yellow fruits also help to battle depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which converts into serotonin to produce our happy moods.
  Chocolate: For obvious reasons, chocolate makes us very happy. But it doesn’t just provide an instant fix to a low mood, it is also rich in magnesium1, which helps calm your muscles and reduce anxiety.
  Oysters2: Oysters might not be quite as tasty as chocolate, but these slippery shellfish are packed full of essential vitamins for a happier life, including protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids,calcium3 and Vitamin C. The high quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids means oysters help to boost brain activity and reduce depression.
  Leafy Vegetables: Popeye’s favorite leafy greens have some key components4 for improving your mood and helping5 prevent you from becoming depressed6. Both folic acid and magnesium are key to mood boosting and can leave you feeling motivated for the rest of the day.
  Eggs: If you want your mood to be as sunny as your eggs, then eating them regularly will certainly help. Yolks aren’t just tastiest part of the egg, but they’re also full of L-tryptophan to help increase happy hormones7. Eggscellent!
  Coffee: A lot of us rely on a regular caffeine fix to boost our mood throughout the day, and it really does just that. But as well as giving us a temporary buzz, coffee is also known to lower risks of depression and increase dopamine and serotonin.
  Oranges: High in Vitamin C, oranges are great for antioxidants, but also contain good quantities of Vitamin B and flavonoids, both of which will help to keep your cells healthy, your tiredness levels down and subsequently your energy and happiness levels higher.
1 magnesium  [mægˈni:ziəm]   
Magnesium is the nutrient element in plant growth.镁是植物生长的营养要素。
The water contains high amounts of magnesium.这水含有大量的镁。
2 oysters  ['ɔɪstəz]  
牡蛎( oyster的名词复数 )
We don’t have oysters tonight, but the crayfish are very good. 我们今晚没有牡蛎供应。但小龙虾是非常好。
She carried a piping hot grill of oysters and bacon. 她端出一盘滚烫的烤牡蛎和咸肉。
3 calcium   [ˈkælsiəm]
We need calcium to make bones.我们需要钙来壮骨。
Calcium is found most abundantly in milk.奶含钙最丰富。
4 components   [kəm'pəʊnənt]  
(机器、设备等的)构成要素,零件,成分; 成分( component的名词复数 ); [物理化学]组分; [数学]分量; (混合物的)组成部分
the components of a machine 机器部件
Our chemistry teacher often reduces a compound to its components in lab. 在实验室中化学老师常把化合物分解为各种成分。
5 helping   [ˈhelpɪŋ]   
The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
6 depressed [dɪˈprest]    
When he was depressed,he felt utterly divorced from reality.他心情沮丧时就感到完全脱离了现实。
His mother was depressed by the sad news.这个坏消息使他的母亲意志消沉。
7 hormones  ['hɔ:məʊn]    
n. 荷尔蒙,激素 名词hormone的复数形式
This hormone interacts closely with other hormones in the body. 这种荷尔蒙与体內其他荷尔蒙紧密地相互作用。
The adrenals produce a large per cent of a man’s sex hormones. 肾上腺分泌人体的大部分性激素。

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